Benefits of Having Action Stations at Catered Events

From birthdays and office parties to large-scale holiday gatherings and beyond, buffet-style meals are bound to be a hit. Guests typically enjoy having a broad selection of foods and fixings from which to choose. In most cases, no one goes away disappointed by the menu because buffets offer something to please virtually everyone. Making live station catering services by Stamford Catering part of the picture adds a few extra elements to any event. Plenty of benefits can come from taking advantage of this type of service.

Streamline the Process

Guests have a way of lingering over certain menu options without a facilitator on hand to move things along. Those left waiting in line tend to become impatient and frustrated and with good reason. Live servers may not be able to force falterers to make a decision, but they can help the line flow more quickly and smoothly. This alone could be enough of a benefit to ramp up your next catered event.

Entertain the Masses

Many people enjoy watching their food being prepared. This is especially true if the chef adds personality and flair to his or her methods. Entertainment and functionality combine with live-action catering stations. As an added bonus, those highly sought-after dishes are far less likely to run out and leave guests in the lurch if the chef is right there keeping an eye on things.

Ample Interaction Opportunities

Guests love watching chefs in action, but they also enjoy interacting with the experts who prepare their foods. They can exchange pleasantries, ask questions, and find out about why the chef chose this line of work or where his or her training comes from among other aspects. At the same time, they can potentially learn how to make their favorite menu items at home on their own.

Live stations go a long way toward ensuring catered events go much more smoothly than traditional, unmanned buffet lines. Chefs provide entertainment, information and interaction while encouraging conversation among guests as well. If you’re planning an event, consider adding this type of service to the mix. It’s sure to take the event up a notch without sacrificing the many benefits of buffet-style meals.