How To Care For Your Musical Instrument

Why would you need a piano cover or piano bench covers you would ask. Well, like any other precious thing, the piano too needs protection from dust, scratches, and other external damage risks. It would definitely go a long way to ensure that the piano is unharmed by the so many factors natural or otherwise. For example, someone may come and inadvertently scratch it by placing things on it; something could be spilled on it and the like. If you care for your piano, you care for your piano and bench, you would ensure that both are covered and protected from any possible harm. Other ways to ensure that your beautiful piano stays in good condition are:

1. Keep it in a dry and cool place – this is very important especially if you live in a place where you have high humidity in the air year-round or a good part of the year. Humidity is basically water so continuous and sustained exposure to humidity could easily destroy your piano in no time internally and externally. Heat can also be bad for the wood, and the fine internal wires of the grand musical instrument. It is therefore important that you keep it in an air-conditioned room where humidity and heat do not get to it. These two elements of nature are its worst enemies.

2. Have it tuned at regular intervals – once every 6 months to one year, it is a good idea to have your piano tuned and over-oiled. In this way you will always know what is wrong with it and also prevent any damage. Tuning would ensure that the musical instrument is always ready so its owners would enjoy the beautiful music it makes. Servicing and oiling would help keep the piano well-maintained both inside and outside.

3. Have the surface polished carefully and regularly – the same way oiling of the internal parts of the piano extends its life and performance, the same way waxing helps with the surface of the piano. The waxing will always give the piano a beautiful finish and protect it from scratches and spills. Over the beautiful polish, especially if you are not using the musical instrument often, throw a cover on it which would ensure that the polish stays good and your piano protected.

4. Keep playing – though it is not always possible to keep playing the piano, you should. This is good for you as well as the piano. When you play the piano you not only make music, but also relax and inspire yourself at the same time. Music, studies show, enhances the power of your brain to absorb knowledge and information while it relaxes your mind and body just as a session of meditation would. For the instrument, playing as often as you can, would keep it in good shape.

5. Check it often for pests- there are thousands of pianos worldwide that were consumed by termites and/ or mice. Ensure that your beautiful musical instrument does not fall prey to such a disaster; check it often.